Bodybuilding Tips For Faster Gains

Follow These Basic Bodybuilding Tips And Make Faster Gains In Muscle Growth and Fat Loss

Here are my six quick bodybuilding tips that almost anybody can follow. I promise you if you follow these tips you’ll be well on your way to faster gains. Results appearing much quicker than you would think.

Devising the perfect bodybuilding workout program and a diet to go with it seems like quite a complex process. Because it actually is initially. Take into consideration and the numbers of days you will be working out in the week. Plan your rest periods in between. Plan out the number of reps you should be performing for each exercise and so on.

Keep the Plan Basic

Most individuals tend to get overwhelmed with the amount of information that needs to be taken in. Becoming difficult to pinpoint what’s best before they even start.

The bottom line is that when you first start out on a new bodybuilding plan; try not to go into too much detail because all that is doing is holding you up from performing.

The sooner you get your ass into the gym, the better it will be. You will start building muscle and start seeing the changes in your body.

That being said, you still need to follow some strategy or another. So your workouts remain effective in helping you build muscle. If you follow these rules that I set out in this article, you can be rest assured that provided your nutrition is right, you will is see faster gains.

Increase Weight over Time

My first bodybuilding tip is that single biggest influence on your muscle building journey is whether you are able to consecutively pile on more weight with time. Fancy principles and theories do not apply here because if you are not increasing the amount of weight you are lifting after a few months, you will not be building muscle as quickly as expected.

My number one priority of any muscle building program is to start lifting heavier and heavier weights as you go along.

When you get stuck on a weight, in other words hit a plateau, that’s when you have to start strategizing alternative strategies that will help you break out of the situation such as supersets and drop sets.

Try Going One Rep Short of Failure

My second tip is to pay attention to the rule of failure. Some individuals prefer lifting until they hit failure because they think every set is a big step towards building bigger muscles. They seem to believe that in order to get bigger muscles you have to fully exhaust them.

Although this is true to a certain extent because in order to grow you have to push your muscles past a certain level, by reaching fail failure can cause a number of problems.

The first issue is fatiguing the central nervous system. Workout routines designed to hit failure every time will drain the central nervous system, causing you will eventually to struggle to lift even lighter weights than you’re used to over time.

The second issue is reaching failure on your first exercise won’t leave you much in the tank to perform the second, and the third exercise, think about it.

I always recommend performing a number of different exercises in every gym session, and if you prefer to hit failure on every occasion, this will be impossible to do.

As an alternative, I always recommend going one or two reps short of failure. Not only will this get you to push your body hard and increase intensity levels that are needed to achieve muscle growth, it won’t end up destroying what you have already.

Perform Exercises That Work At Least Two Muscle Groups Simultaneously for Faster Gains

My third tip is to try focusing on compound exercises. Since we all have a limited amount of time we spend in the gym, and due to recovery restraints, wasting time on exercises that work individual muscles will seriously hinder your full potential.

My mantra is that you should perform a minimum of two-muscle-exercises for 80% of the time.

For instance, you could be doing the shoulder press, and this also works the triceps. The squat not only works the quads it also hits the hamstrings. The benchpress will hit the chest, the shoulders, and the triceps, and to a lesser degree the biceps.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the barbell curl only works the biceps. Triceps push downs only work your triceps, and leg curls will only work your hamstrings.

As you can see, these exercises aren’t really giving you maximum results-to-energy that you invest, so try keeping them as limited as possible.

The best thing about compound exercises is that you’ll be able to lift more weight much quicker.

Fuel Your Body Adequately

It is essential to fuel your body properly before and after working out. Failing to get in the amino acids your body uses to help synthesize new muscle tissue or the carbohydrates needed to provide energy to induce new muscle tissue is a cardinal sin in my book.

If you want faster gains, never neglect your nutrition, especially on your workout days. Adding powerful legal steroids helps with strength and building muscles.

When you don’t happen to be working out on a given day. Affording a bit more flexible in terms of your meal-timings and the composition of food.

Never Do the Same Thing for More Than Two Weeks

This is my plateau boosting tip. So if you ever hit a plateau in your workouts, and it feels almost impossible to break out? You need to seriously rejig what you’re doing. Usually in a plateau situation it’s almost impossible to bump up the weight in successive sessions. It’s time to look at things slightly differently. I usually dive into squats and deadlifts. If I can’t lift the weight I drop it and do more reps.

Don’t Neglect Rest

Too many people these days are training too hard and not allowing enough time to recover in between workouts. If you don’t allow your body to rest in between sessions, then instead of increasing your strength, you’ll be weakening it by breaking it down. Not very good when looking for faster gains.

I prefer taking one day off in between each weightlifting sessions. Some people prefer doing and upper/lower split that allow working out two days on the trot.

If you’re a cardio minded person, I don’t recommend running two days on the trot for instance. Try mixing things up such as taking a light to walk or jog or even swimming.

And finally if you are required to push your body hard on your days off doing other activities, this is definitely going to have a negative impact on your progress. Workout supplements taken daily help even on your off days.

Bodybuilding Tips For Faster Gains
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Bodybuilding Tips For Faster Gains
If you follow these rules that I set out in this article, you can be rest assured that provided your nutrition is right, you will is see faster gains.
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